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HUFFLEPUFF Harry Potter - The House Collection

HUFFLEPUFF Harry Potter - The House Collection

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Looking for a magical scent that embodies your Hufflepuff pride?
Look no further than our handmade soy Hufflepuff candle!
With notes of bergamot and wildflowers, and base notes of oakmoss and pine, this scent is sure to bring to mind the green fields surrounding Hagrid's hut.

And for those in the know, we've topped it off with pieces of cat's claw. So whether you're a Hufflepuff through and through or just looking for a cozy scent to curl up with, this candle is the perfect addition to your collection. Don't be a badger, get your Hufflepuff candle today!

The candle comes in a 30cl container and has a minimum of 30 hours burning time, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the nature scent of Hufflepuff.

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