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The Orange Wick

GRYFFINDOR Harry Potter - The House Collection

GRYFFINDOR Harry Potter - The House Collection

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At The Orange Wick, we are excited to bring the magical world of Harry Potter to your home with our handmade Gryffindor candle. This soy candle is not only perfect for Harry Potter fans, but for anyone who loves the warm and inviting scent of a cozy fireplace.

Close your eyes and imagine a comforting moment by the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room, where you can feel at home and at ease. Our candle captures that moment with its sweet apple and cinnamon top notes, along with a warm vanilla base note. You will love how the scent fills the room and transports you to the world of Harry Potter.

The Gryffindor candle also features pieces of orange on top, adding a pop of color and an extra touch of sweetness to the overall experience. The candle comes in a 30cl container and has a minimum of 30 hours burning time, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the comforting scent of Gryffindor.

Experience the magic of Harry Potter in your home with The Orange Wick's handmade Gryffindor candle.

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