Collection: The House Collection

The Gryffindor candle smells like a comforting moment by the fireplace, with top notes of sweet apple and cinnamon, and a vanilla base note.

The Hufflepuff candle captures the essence of the loyal and hardworking house, with top notes of bergamot and wildflowers, and base notes of oakmoss and pine.

The Ravenclaw candle embodies the wit and wisdom of the house, with a scent of bergamot, pink pepper, leather, vanilla, and musk.

The Slytherin candle embodies the cunning and ambition of the house, with a scent of lemon, cognac, oak, incense, tobacco, and musk.

All candles come in a 30cl container, have a minimum of 30 hours burning time, and feature different finishing touches on top.
Indulge in the magic of each Hogwarts house with our Harry Potter candles.